Cape Town, South Africa

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Capturing the beauty of memories


I've always had a passion for photography, visual stories and animals. Since studying photography my passion just continues to grow each day.

Photography is about making memories and reliving emotions as well as to be there for you to experience those memories and feelings again each time you look at the image.

As someone once said - If you don't think photographs are important, wait until photos are all you have left

My goal is to make sure that what you get is not just some photographs, but a true reflection of your passion captured forever.


What I Can Offer

I treat each new project as a brand new opportunity to create lasting memories. I always try to go the extra mile to please all of my clients, and leave them with photographs that bring them the memory they wish to experience for a lifetime.

Whether you want a private photoshoot at your home or would like me to meet you on location for a themed shoot or at an event for me to capture you and your loved ones in the moment - I am always happy to work something out!

Get in touch with me to see how we can get started.

The memory that lasts forever


We each have that special equine (or equines) in our lives and each client is looking for a unique experience, and I aim to discover their preferences from the beginning to produce something that means everything to the client.
This package includes shots of the rider and horse together in a planned scene (or multiple different scenes if planned with photographer) such as bareback at the beach or galloping through water & fields, photos of the horse at liberty are also included if the client wants.

Additional options


I also offer photography for others such as portfolio shoots for models or make up artists, engagement or couple shoots, fashion shoots for clothing lines and so on - this separate website is still being constructed

Memories are Forever


Each session is personalised and custom designed to fit the clients needs and tastes. If you want photos of your dog out for a walk in the woods or your cat playing around in a studio or relaxing next to the fireplace - I will work with you to create the perfect images for you to cherish forever

Remember the feeling


Always wishing you had more quality photographs of you and your noble steed doing a cross country course or a beautiful session of dressage? This package offers a shoot that is solely dedicated to capturing you and your horse riding together, whether its jumping a set up course in the arena, galloping a stretch of grass and jumping the logs or dressage on the beach or in the arena, we will plan a shoot that replicates your vision of yours and your horses riding bond...

Images to Treasure


With attention to detail and a personalized approach, you can book me to come to a show that you want me to photograph you at, I do attend shows on occasion but then charge per individual image and it doesn't ensure I will definitely get photos of you - so booking this service will ensure you have some quality photos of you and your steed at shows competing and spending time together. If you’re interested in booking this service, please contact me with the dates of the show that you would like me to attend to photograph you at.


If you are looking for a professional photographer who has a passion for animals and riding, is relaxed and always keen to explore new ideas with the client then contact me today to find out more or to ask questions.

Cape Town, South Africa

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